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Fig Tree Bridge and Beyond
March 5, 2008, 7:05 pm
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Wednesday: Undaunted by my friends threats, my training continues.

Tonight it was out and back along the southern half of the route, via Pyrmont and past Fig Tree Bridge. 1:15 hours each direction.

This is the high speed corridor of the course, less hilly and without the scenic bush paths of the northern side. In its place is a whole lot of concrete and traffic.

The six bridges crossed on this bridge (12 if you count the return leg) are all distinctive.

Just over 25 km travelled, with MaxHR of 173 bpm reached cresting the high point on the eastern side of Fig Tree Bridge.


Do it, and I’ll get my heavies onto you…!
March 5, 2008, 7:00 pm
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Wednesday: The concept underpinning the 7×7 Bridge Run has been tested today after a courtesy phone call I made to the organiser of the 7 Bridges Walk.

I rang to advise him of my activities and ensure there was no conflict.

His response was less than civil, and in all mean-spirited.

Do it, and I’ll get my heavies onto you, was in effect his response. He was quiet prepared for me to quote him.

It is a sad day in Australia when charitable intentions are confounded by the commercial interests of those involved.

To reach this gentleman, I had to pass through four layers of phone calls- all related directly to the 7 Bridges Walk: the event promoter (a separate organisation), the event organiser (another organisation), the organisation conducting the event who passed on his details.

So much for looking after the needs of the disadvantaged!

Just another bridge to cross…

Restorative effects of yoga
March 5, 2008, 6:51 pm
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Tuesday: On my non-running days I make sure I maintain my flexibility and maintain my muscles through the restorative effects of Ashtunga Yoga.

Wonderful relief to let the body stretch out and release, leaving you relaxed and calm.

March 5, 2008, 6:47 pm
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Monday: Another out and back run along the northern half of the route, passing the aquaduct at Riverview.

One of two aquaducts, they are mysterious structures which seem to be a redundant addition to the landscape. Concrete, overgrown with vegetation and bridge like, they span the flat inlets at Riverview and Gove Creek.

A good run on Monday, strong and fresh outbound, with again MaxHR at 183 bpm reached at the top of Vista Point.

Training after dark…
March 1, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Last night (1 March) I set off for a relaxed 2:30 min run across the northern half of the course.

Training presents its own challenges, with obstacles not only being your own physical ability or the nature of the terrain. In this case, darkness fell sooner than I had expected reminding me of my days patrolling in the jungle during my Army service.

 I ride my bike to Marin Place, where I commence an 1:15 min outbound to Lane Cove initially crossing Sydney Harbour Bridge (then turning west).

I didn’t start running until just after 7 pm, and with daylight savings I knew I would have some light remaining but did think that by the end I would be in darkness.

As most of the course along that leg is enclosed in a mangrove canopy over bush tracks, visibility at night is poor and mobility is slower that across a paved area at the best of times given the undulating nature of the terrain and the gnarled irregular pattern the tracks make. Additionally, it had rained hard in Sydney the previous night and so along the track we many pools of water.

I reached my turning point in darkness, running past the giant rocks that line the track open to the small mangrove inlets that line the harbour- it would have to be one of the prettier secrets around Sydney, and with the darkness develops its own mysterious attractiveness.

Running back, I had to remember which of the bush tracks to follow and along with the hazard of misplacing my footing I decided instead to follow the dreaded River Road into North Sydney with its daunting steep hills, and extending the distance a few extra km.

 I was running at a good pace, feeling fresh after a few days rest, and imagine that the distance should have been around 24 km across the 2:30 min had I not had to detour.

MaxHR reached was 183 bpm at the top of the Vista Street lookout.

63 Days to Go
February 27, 2008, 9:47 pm
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In 63 days the 7by7 Bridge Run will begin.

Seven laps of the seven bridges that join up Sydney Harbour in seven days.

Each lap is 25 km; 175 km over the week.

Yesterday I postponed the start date from 14 March to 1 May as I felt I lacked the necessary support to make the event successful- not just one lone runner pounding the pavement for no good reason.

So what is the good reason I am doing this, I hear you ask.

I intend to raise $70,000 for the Sydney based charity, Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets.

The tag line for the event is ‘Reconnecting to our youth’, and crossing the bridges is full of symbolism in this regard.

Check back in and see my progress- I’ll be talking about my training, the route, overcoming injuries and recovery.

100% of decisions are made by those who turn up- get running!

100% of decisions are made by those who turn up
February 27, 2008, 9:40 pm
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